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The following subscription options are available:
£50/year - Standard Membership with £10 Paul Smales Scholarship donation
Standard Membership and a donation in the memory of Paul Smales to assist law students attend our conferences
£50/year - Standard Membership

£30/year - Minimum Membership

£10/year - Student/Trainee/Pupil Membership

2.00 Introductory membership (expires 01/01/2018)
an Introductory subscription

Membership Activities

  • The annual weekend conference is held in the spring, usually during the Easter vacation at an Oxbridge college. Leading academics, practitioners, Liberal Democrat MP's and peers participate. A guest speaker is invited to dinner on the Saturday evening. All members are welcome. Guests are welcome at the dinner.
  • Fringe meetings are organised to discuss and often to debate legal issues of topical interest at the Liberal Democrats' spring and autumn conference.
  • The 80 Club lecture is delivered in London by a prominent speaker, often from outside the Liberal Democrats.
  • The Association's Annual Dinner is a significant social event, usually held in late January. Members are welcome to bring guests.
  • There are opportunities throughout the year to participate in the Association's policy-making activities.

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