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Lord McNally, Paul Rowen MP and David Ive speaking at the LDLA fringe event in Liverpool 2010
Lord McNally, Paul Rowen MP and David Ive speaking at the LDLA fringe event in Liverpool 2010
Conference Room - Liverpool 2010
Conference Room - Liverpool 2010


  • The annual weekend conference is held in the spring, usually during the Easter vacation at an Oxbridge college. Leading academics, practitioners, Liberal Democrat MP's and peers participate. A guest speaker is invited to dinner on the Saturday evening. All members are welcome. Guests are welcome at the dinner.
  • Fringe meetings are organised to discuss and often to debate legal issues of topical interest at the Liberal Democrats' spring and autumn conference.
  • The 80 Club lecture is delivered in London by a prominent speaker, often from outside the Liberal Democrats.
  • The Association's Annual Dinner is a significant social event, usually held in late January. Members are welcome to bring guests.
  • There are opportunities throughout the year to participate in the Association's policy-making activities.

Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Association is interested in Scottish and Northern Irish law as well as that of England and Wales and would particularly welcome enquiries from counsel, solicitors, law teachers and others practising or qualified in those jurisdictions.

Membership Benefits

  • The Legal Democrat
  • The 80 Club Lecture
  • Conferences
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Annual Dinner
  • Policy Working Groups
  • Publications
  • Leading Speakers - from the party and outside
  • Advice to the Party
  • Liaison with MPs, Peers, MEPs, devolved assembly members and councillors